Situation Analysis on Child Protection System in Albania 2011

Children constitute more than one third of the overall Albanian population. The main problems children have to deal with today are abuse, violence, exploitation, maltreatment, trafficking, discrimination, neglect, poverty and social exclusion, which have been for years the main focus of attention of local and international members of civil society.
For this reason and in the framework of the project Mario, the Coalition United for Child Care and Protection (BKTF) decided to carry out an analysis that reflects on the changes that occurred in the policies and the implementation of the child protection system in Albania and on the lessons learned from the practice so far.
In brief, this analysis is focused on the evaluation of the child protection system in Albania aiming at identifying strengths and weaknesses and providing recommendations to strengthen the system in order to achieve the protection of all children in Albania. The aim is to build a system that addresses – in a thought-through and functional way – the protection of children coming from the most vulnerable groups.

Published 2012-07-16

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