Save the Children's COVID-19 Program Framework and Guidance and Companion Pieces

COVID-19 is a global pandemic which threatens children’s rights in countries around the world and exposes them to potentially massive disruption to their healthcare, education, access to basic needs and services like food, protection and social interaction with family members, teachers, peers and communities. This is an unprecedented, global scale crisis that definitely will set back our Breakthrough Goals in their current form, and in order to protect these goals to the extent possible, we will 1. Mitigate the impact of the disease itself by contributing to the reduction of illness and death due to COVID-19 and other diseases, and 2. Maintain key program goals as much as possible across our three Breakthroughs: Survive, Learn, and Be Protected.

This framework represents Save the Children’s planning assumptions and priority areas for implementation over four phases of programming: Preparedness, Initial Response, Large-Scare Response, and Recovery. This framework is not a comprehensive program document, rather is a higher-level guidance that allows Save the Children staff to locate which Phase their country/community are in and to being implementation of key actions and activities by sector.

This document will be updated as the situation and our learning evolves.

Last Updated: April 29, 2020.

Published 2020-03-20

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