Save the Children Newsletter - July 2010

The Internet is used by more than 125 million people worldwide. This global electronic network is the path through which the largest number of children becomes victims of child pornography and pedophilia. Experts who fight against pedophiles are particularly worried about the fact that a large number of parents are unaware of dangers for their children,which lurk on theWorldWideWeb. This issue includes the following articles involving the possible abuse of information and communication technologies: - "Combating Child Pornography, Pedophilia and Other Threats of the Internet", by Aida Bekic; - "Visible Results of the Project for Combating on-line Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation", by Samir Rizvo; - The introduction of an SOS hotline and helpline as part of Beosupport's campaign to raise awareness and combat online child abuse in Serbia, by Ivan Kutlarovic; - Information on the project Comprehensive Response to On-line Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in Bulgaria; - An interview with Adnan Hamidovic Frenkie, a hip-hop star who has joined the campaign against child pornography in Bosnia and Herzegovina; - An article on Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children: Ways of Recruiting Children in Serbia, by Radoje, Vukovic; - "We have the equipment – what we now need is training", arising out of discussions with Mr. Eneid Hasanovic; and, lastly, information and warnings about Child Pornography Traps on Facebook (fb) and on the Internet.

Published 2012-02-27

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