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Save the Children in Myanmar Case Study on Children's Participation in Evaluations. 'Young voices, big impressions': Children's feedback on our post-Nargis response

Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar on May 3-4 2008. More than 85,000 people died and an estimated 2.4 million people were severely affected by the cyclone and the tidal wave that followed. Many more were left without homes, food and clean water. Save the Children Myanmar played a pivotal role in the ensuing humanitarian response and established a large-scale response that reached 40% of all the children severely affected. As part of Save the Children's broader efforts towards accountability, an external evaluation of Save the Children Myanmar’s emergency response to cyclone Nargis was undertaken in February 2009, actively involving children. This child friendly booklet is part of Save the Children's evaluation of the emergency response and it shares the thoughts and feedback from children on Save the Children Myanmar's work in the cyclone-affected villages.

Published 2011-02-25

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