Rights of Children with Disabilities: Current practice, future direction

This report documents the findings, analysis, and recommendations of a review of Save Children’s support to promote the rights of children with disabilities commissioned by Save the Children Norway (SCN) and carried out by a consultancy team from Enabling Education Network (EENET). The review sought to map and analyse Save the Children’s (SC) experience, knowledge and capacity regarding the promotion of the rights of children with disabilities, and make pertinent recommendations.

The review’s timing coincides with new strategic commitments from Save the Children Norway and Save the Children International (SCI) regarding children with disabilities. It also comes at a time when new international commitments, through the Sustainable Development Goals, are being formulated. Globally, there are strong calls for the rights and needs of children and adults with disabilities to be more effectively incorporated than was the case with the previous Millennium Development Goals.

Published 2018-05-16

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