Review of Save the Children's New Beginnings for Children Affected by Conflict and Violence. Program in Sri Lanka

"Save the Childrens New Beginnings for Children Affected by Conflict and Violence Program in Sri Lanka", is a review of the findings of a Displaced Children and Orphans Fund (DCOF) project that was carried out from March 12 to 24, 2006 in Sri Lanka. The purpose of the visit by the DCOF team to Sri Lanka was to examine the progress of the programme and the relevance of its activities in light of changes in the operating environment. The strategic objectives of New Beginnings are: 1. To enable children affected by armed conflict (e.g., former child soldiers, separated or displaced children, children who lost opportunities due to armed conflict) to be resettled and/or reintegrated into their families, schools, and communities; 2. In selected project areas, to support children, families, and communities to protect boys and girls from violence and abuse in home and community contexts; and 3. To develop, test, and replicate alternatives to institutional care (such as family based care) for vulnerable and at-risk children.

Published 2010-08-02