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Reussite et Epanouissement via l’Apprentissage et L’Insertion au Systeme Educatif (REALISE): Project Brief

REALISE aims to help up to 60,000 girls in six provinces to access primary and secondary school through a suite of interrelated interventions. The interventions involve working with a wide range of groups, from families and communities, through to teachers, school directors and obviously the girls themselves. Together, the activities seek to address the wide range of restraining and enabling factors known to either prevent or assist girls from doing well in school. Some of the activities include school bursaries, teacher training, support to families and communities to appreciate the value of a girls’ education and to advocate for girls’ education, as well as organising clubs and activities to support literacy and numeracy, alongside broader wellbeing and sexual and reproductive health activities.

Published 2020-02-20