Responding to child trafficking: An introductory handbook to child rights-based interventions drawn from Save the Children’s experience in Southeast Europe

Responding to Child Trafficking outlines practical strategies for developing rights-based approaches to child trafficking interventions. These strategies are illustrated through concrete examples as well as through children’s words and images, drawn from the pilot projects carried out through the framework of the Regional Programme.
This publication is designed primarily for field-based practitioners interested in developing projects to increase protection for trafficked children-at risk. Topics include: principles and strategies for developing rights-based approaches to child trafficking interventions, the role of awareness raising and community-based interventions in prevention of child trafficking, and the role of capacity building, coordination, advocacy and working with the media in strengthening protection for children.
This publication was published with the support from Save the Children, with funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Swedish International Development Agency and the Oak Foundation, within the framework of the Stability Pact Task Force on Trafficking in Human Beings.

Published 2012-07-23