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Refugee Rights Headlines: A compilation of blogs from the Refugee Rights Europe website

The blog posts in this booklet have been selected from a wider range of materials and photos on Refugee Rights Europe's (RRE) website, and cover a range of geographical locations in Europe, ranging from the Greek/Turkish border and the Greek islands, to the borderlands in northern France and Ventimiglia, as well as the UK domestic scene. The posts address several different thematic areas such as the complex living conditions in make-shift camps and asylum accommodation, the situation of women and children in displacement, mental health issues, police harassment, gender-based violence, violent pushbacks, and the impact of Covid-19 on people on the move across Europe.

The blogs have either been written by members of the RRE team, or by guest authors with expert knowledge derived from direct personal experience of displacement, or from working at the frontlines of Europe’s contemporary refugee situation

Published 2021-06-01