Raising one voice: A Training Manual for Advocates on the Rights of Child Domestic Workers

This manual is a resource and practical training guide to help organisations who work with child domestic workers to train and develop advocates using the concepts and frameworks described in the handbook. The aim is to help organisations to improve the competencies and capacities of advocates to be more effective in efforts to change the lives of child domestic workers. The manual is divided into the following modules: Module 1 provides an introduction to the issue of child domestic work. It also gives a definition on who are considered as child domestic workers; Module 2 gives an introduction to the advocacy process. Among those topics covered in this module are the definition of advocacy, the different kinds of advocacies, and the rationale why people should engage in advocacy work; Module 3 gives a run-through of the various types of advocacy activities and strategies, provides hints and examples and identifies factors that make advocacy strategies successful, and discusses possible hindrances, challenges, and considerations in various advocacy strategies; and Modules 4 and 5 walk the participants through planning and designing an advocacy programme.

Published 2011-11-08