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Protection Checklist: Addressing Displacement and Protection of Displaced Populations and Affected Communities along the Conflict Cycle: a Collaborative Approach

This Protection Checklist is a coordinated effort to ensure that protection to displaced persons is delivered in a timely manner. Generalized violence saw 45.2 million people forcibly displaced at the end of 2012 across the globe. These persons and diverse situations are testing humanitarian organizations’ abilities to react.

The UNHCR and the OSCE have worked together with the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons and the ICRC to design an inter-agency co-operation for each stage of the displacement cycle. The Protection checklist also outlines practical steps for collaboration between UNHCR and OSCE with respect to refugees.

The Protection Checklist is a cooperative attempt to improve humanitarian agencies’ ability to react and provide timely, contextually-aware aid. 

Published 2014-08-11

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