Protecting LGBTI Refugees: The role of cities

This policy report aims to address the unique needs of a vulnerable population, namely LGBTI refugees, as well as advocate for the protection of universal human rights and equality within a local context. The numbers are difficult to estimate, but one organization estimates that there are around 175 million LGBTI individuals living in ‘persecutory environments’. LGBTI refugees “tend not to disclose socially stigmatizing information pertaining to their sexual orientation or gender identity (SOGI)” during the process of seeking refuge. Therefore, there is need for mainstreaming practices and policies across all refugee related organizations. It is becoming increasingly clear that LGBTI refugees in transit and destination cities face high levels of violence and discrimination. Moreover, the National Center for Lesbian Rights notes that there is a lack of reporting and documentation of violence against lesbians around the world. The same is likely true for transgender and intersex individuals. 

Published 2019-01-09