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Primary Health Care First: Strengthening the foundation for universal health coverage

Universal health coverage (UHC) promises a world in which all people have access to the health services, vaccinations and medicines they need, without risk of financial hardship. A world where the right to health is realised for the 400 million people who currently lack access to basic, primary health care.

While strengthening primary health care has long been a core component of the health agenda, research into primary health care expenditure has been limited. This report brings together existing data and recommendations on primary health care expenditure with findings from national research. In presenting national-level research and data gaps, this report also outlines some of the challenges faced by researchers seeking to better understand primary health care expenditure. 

UHC is core to Save the Children’s child survival strategy, an essential component of our campaign to reach Every Last Child and a key mechanism for delivering on our centenary commitment to prevent 4.9 million deaths from pneumonia among children under five.

Published 2018-03-14

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