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Prevent and Protect: Linking the HIV and child protection response to keep children safe, healthy & resilient

In 2013 the Inter-Agency Task Team (IATT) on Children and HIV and AIDS completed an analysis of how child protection systems and services affect HIV and AIDS, and vice versa, and provided recommendations on how they could work together to improve each other’s outcomes.

This follow-up report provides practitioners with actual lessons learnt and models of how synergies have been made in practice in specific countries: Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe. This report documents models, case studies and lessons learnt in an effort to illustrate practical ways in which child protection systems and services link to HIV services to benefit HIV and child protection outcomes for children.

This report is a first step in documenting these lessons. It is not an exhaustive collection of all interventions or all evaluated programmes. This report will hopefully stimulate policymakers and programmers to consider interventions that link across sectors and to support implementation and evaluation of these interventions.

Published 2015-05-07

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