Practitioner Guidelines on the Integration of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation into Sector-Based Programs

This 2001 report, published by INTRAC, the International NGO Training and Research Centre, aims to help NGOs and donors to develop appropriate, cost-effective, and practical systems for the monitoring and evaluation of capacity-building (CB).  

Measuring changes in organisational capacity is certainly not an easy task. Organisations are extremely ‘complex, ambiguous and paradoxical’ entities and therefore any attempt to measure changes will be fraught with difficulties. With rising political pressures to reduce aid budgets, official agencies are seeking to focus their resources on areas where they can have most impact.

In the past most of the writing about the monitoring and evaluation of capacity-building has either concentrated on recommending the need for improvements in this area or described how difficult it is to do in practice. This publication aims to bring these two lines of thinking together and take them a step further in outlining practical guidelines which readers can use to develop their own systems for evaluating CB. Once there is a clearer idea of how organisations are doing in CB, they can be both better accountable for results to their donors, and also have a basis for improving their practice in this essential field of development.

Published 2014-03-31

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