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Plani Individual i Arsimit (PIA) dhe Udhëzuesi për Hartimin e Planit Individual të Arsimit për Fëmijë me Neoja të Veçanta Arsimore

The Individual Education Plan (PIA) is an official pedagogical document designed for children with special educational needs. The PIA is to be used for students who the municipal assessment team, or even the team at the institution level, has decided should receive an education with special educational needs. The Individual Education Plan provides systematic learning planning, teaching, supporting and tracking the child's individual progress. The individual education plan should be developed through a collaborative process, including school, parents, children (where appropriate), and other relevant staff. The PIA is a reliable (confidential) document, and information can be shared with others only with the permission of the parents. It refers to curriculum adaptation and focuses on priority needs the student.

Published 2019-04-04

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