Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation in Tanzania’s Health and Social Service Programs

These manuals and associated presentation were developed as part of an effort to build a participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) programme for health and social services at the community level in the United Republic of Tanzania. The Field Manual serves as a toolkit of useful PM&E techniques for improving the performance and impact of community-based interventions, such as those involving the most vulnerable children (MVC), home-based care (HBC), and gender-based violence (GBV). It includes a five-step PM&E programme path and six community group tools.

The Training Manual contains session guides and reference notes for use in the PM&E training and in the application of this approach by PM&E facilitators in the field. (A slide presentation accompanies the manual.) The training sessions focus on PM&E concepts, methods, and tools to be used with beneficiaries and providers at the community level. The manual is based on MEASURE Evaluation Tanzania’s experience in building PM&E skills at NGOs working in health and social service programmes.

Published 2018-12-03