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Our story - Child led alternative report on Child Rights Situation in Bangladesh in Response to Fifth State Party Report, Bangladesh

The National Children’s Task Force (NCTF)  is a national children’s organization which has been working in all 64 districts in Bangladesh through the Integrated Development Approach since 2003. The NCTF was established primarily to monitor the implementation of the National Plan of Action adopted in 2002-2006 against sexual abuse and exploitation of children including trafficking. The NCTF has expanded its role to monitor other child rights issues and raise concerns to hold duty bearers accountable. It also continues to create space for participation of children in decision making.

The NCTF prepared the Alternative Report on child rights for the first time based on their observations and the information collected on child rights. The main basis of the Child Led Alternative Report is the “Our Story” report,  which shows the child rights situation of Bangladesh.

The Child Researchers collected information on the child rights situation in their own area in light of United Nations Concluding Observations on the selected 5 clusters of child rights. At the same time, 80 Child Facilitators comprising 20 groups of children from socially disadvantaged communities (e.g. child labour, children from indigenous, Dalit and Bede communities, children of sex workers, street children, children from Haors and Char land, children from Aila and Sidr affected areas) collected information on the child rights situation through group discussions with the children of their areas.

This report has been published by the Child Rights Governance Program, Save the Children in Bangladesh, with the support of the Manusher Jonno Foundation and Plan International



Published 2013-07-15