No Longer Left Behind: SOGIESC Asia and the Pacific Call for Action in the Humanitarian System

Across Asia and the Pacific, there are documented cases of discrimination and heightened vulnerabilities for SOGIESC people in humanitarian responses. Discrimination during disasters and crises has been documented in Fiji, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines and Pakistan, among other countries. Punitive laws and criminalisation of SOGIESC people hinders engagement in the humanitarian system. This Call to Action urges that greater collaboration and direct consultation occur between humanitarian actors and SOCIESC communities. Humanitarian actors and organisations need to prioritize and advocate for decriminalization of SOGIESC.

Understanding the needs of SOGIESC people is critical to address the inequalities they experience during preparedness, response and recovery. All actors of the humanitarian system must be mutually committed, responsible, and accountable to including SOGIESC policies. It is only when we work together that we will achieve a just and equal response to humanitarian crises.

Published 2018-07-18

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