NO to Child Labour, YES to Quality and Safe Education in Emergencies

“No to Child Labour, Yes to Quality and Safe Education in Emergencies” is a briefing paper produced by the CPWG Child Labour Task Force and supported by the Education Cluster and ILO/IPEC.

Child labour can often be a significant barrier for children in humanitarian crisis who wish to access education, yet for many stakeholders the issue is a challenging one to consider and act upon. This paper has been written not only to draw attention to the importance of close coordination between education in emergencies activities and efforts to address child labour, but also to give practical guidance on what can be done in humanitarian contexts to improve response.

Governments, humanitarian and development actors and others are called upon to recognise the potentially devastating impact of emergencies on child labour and children’s education and to work together to form effective prevention and response strategies in realizing children’s right to an education free from child labour.

Published 2015-07-02

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