My First Baby: Guide for Adolescent Girls

Due to the pervasiveness of early child marriage in Nepal, Save the Children recognizes the need for expanding comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services that reach married adolescent girls and first-time parents. This vulnerable population has unique needs requiring programs and services that specifically address their medical, educational, and emotional needs.

This book was developed to help young married girls to understand pregnancy and childbirth, and what to do to take care of themselves and their baby. Save the Children asked many adolescent girls that have already given birth to help develop this guide. Save the Children also asked husbands and mothers-in-law from similar villages to learn of their experiences, feelings and opinions about marriage, pregnancy, childbirth and taking care of a new baby. This guide is divided up into chapters. Each chapter will focus on changes in the body before, during and after pregnancy. The chapters have a space for young girls to write down their thoughts and feelings during this time in their life. This is their workbook to keep and share with others.

Published 2016-10-26