The Municipal Investment in Children in Nicaragua 2005-2014

This report seeks to document the experiences of people, organisations, and institutions who worked to put municipal investment in children on the agenda of municipal governments in Nicaragua during the period of 2005-2014.

Aware that the fulfilment of child rights is mediated by municipal investment and in conjunction with the Network of Child-Friendly Municipal Governments (RGM), the municipal commissions on child and adolescent affairs (CMNAs) and other organisations, Save the Children has promoted the issue with the aim of strengthening the child-rights municipalisation process, raising the awareness of the municipal authorities to encourage them to take on their responsibilities and implement children’s rights, particularly through the allocation of economic resources.

The report presents a chronological breakdown of the processes, stages in development, and milestones of the project. Results are then presented with a concluding chapter on learning: deficiencies and challenges are addressed; good practices are identified.

Published 2015-09-25

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