Moving ahead on education: A focused strategy for achieving our education goals 2012-2015

This paper sets out Save the Children’s education strategy from 2012-2015. The overall goal of Save the Children's education policy, advocacy and country programmes is to ensure that all children and young people enjoy their right to a good quality education. This is the right of every child, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, social class, and income or whether they live in conflict zones or fragile states. Special attention and additional support will be given to two breakthrough areas in education that are particularly critical: securing education for the most marginalised and hardest-to-reach children living in conflict-affected fragile states and in emergency situations; and building support for the right to learn. The education strategy for 2012-2015 proposes five strategic objectives: 1. Basic education; 2. Education in emergencies (EiE); 3. Early childhood care and development (ECCD); 4. Education for youth empowerment (EYE); 5. Driving global and national policy change

Published 2012-07-27