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Mettre fin à l’État d’Urgence Quotidien: Résilience et enfants au Sahel

18 million people are experiencing a major crisis in the Sahel. This crisis is neither onset by drought or a food shortage, but is rather the result of a lack of resilience against financial shocks in the region. This has real and severe consequences on the communities of Sahel: approximately 226,000 children die of preventable and treatable causes each year. Current development policies aimed at saving children from malnutrition are failing because they do not address the underlying structural causes behind the crisis.

This report assesses current progress, lessons learned, and challenges in promoting resilience in the Sahel region, focusing especially on the wellbeing of children. It calls for greater involvement of public authorities and partners in combatting chronic and acute child malnutrition.


Published 2018-08-07