Management of Possible Serious Bacterial Infections (PSBI) in Young Infants in Rural India: Pilot study on reaching the vulnerable population through health system strengthening approach

India accounts for 27% of global neonatal mortality; serious infections are responsible for one-third of these deaths as a referral for appropriate care is frequently not feasible. In 2014, the Government of India (GoI) issued Guidelines for syndromic identification of young infants (0-59 day old) with Possible Serious Bacterial Infections (PSBI) and their outpatient/community-based management by Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs) using simplified antibiotic regimen (7-day course of injectable Gentamicin and oral Amoxicillin).

The objective of the study was to learn what it takes to deliver a package of interventions (including the aforementioned Guidelines) to improve PSBI management in young infants at primary care level in a resource-constrained, rural district of India.

Published 2020-08-05

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