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Literacy Boost Pakistan: Baseline Report 2010

This report shares the reading assessment results of 234 children in 15 schools in Allai, Pakistan. Ten of the schools are piloting Literacy Boost, an innovative program to support children’s development of the five key reading skills (letter knowledge, phonemic awareness, fluency vocabulary and comprehension). The assessment covers emergent literacy skills using concepts about print, determined how many letters of the alphabet a child knows, then measures three of four skills related to reading connected text: fluency, accuracy, reading comprehension or oral comprehension.

The background information collected alongside the assessment show that the children from Literacy Boost and comparison schools come from similar socioeconomic backgrounds and literacy environments. The scores on several assessment components, however, show that the children in Literacy Boost schools were significantly performed by their peers in the comparison schools.

Published 2014-07-30

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