La infancia en España, 2010-2011. 20 años de la Convención de los Derechos del Niño: retos pendientes

The UNICEF report ‘Childhood in Spain 2010-2011’, reveals that public spending on families and children in Spain is among the lowest of the world’s richest countries. EU studies show that Spain is near the bottom of the list of European countries as far as welfare is concerned, only topped by Latvia, Italy, Bulgaria and Romania. The report states that 24.1% of minors under18 live in poverty in Spain, and that almost 25% of children under 16 years old live below the poverty line. In the context of education, 31% of the population aged 18-24 did not complete compulsory secondary education in 2009, and the last three years have seen an increase in school dropout rates in some autonomous regions. There has been a clear increase in the lack of motivation and professional objectives among children and teenagers with poorly structured families or in a situation of unemployment, poverty or social exclusion.

Published 2011-09-28