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Kabataang Aralin sa Lahat Ibahagi (KASALI) in the Philippines: A study of whether and how children with disabilities are being included in classrooms and early childhood centres

Kabataang Aralin Sa Lahat Ibahagi (KASALI) Project, 2014 – 2018, has created an opportunity for Save the Children to advocate for (disability) inclusive education (IE) in partnership with the government, civil society, and community stakeholders. KASALI is a targeted inclusive education project. ‘Inclusive education is one dimension of a rights-based quality education which emphasizes equity in access and participation and responds positively to the individual learning needs and competencies of all children.’

This study aims to understand which Inclusive Education strategies were used in the project, what factors enabled teachers to use these strategies well, what effect the project had on attitudes toward children with disabilities, how these strategies were used by Local Government units, and how Inclusive Education strategies improved service delivery for schools and local governments.

Published 2018-06-25

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