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‘It’s Time to Talk! – Children’s Views on Children’s Work’ Toolkit

It’s Time to Talk! – Children’s Views on Children’s Work’ (hereinafter: Time to Talk) was launched by Kindernothilfe, Save the Children Canada, and Terre des Hommes International Federation in March 2016. The goal of Time to Talk is to enable working children to have their views heard in local, national and global decision-making processes, including in the run-up to the IV Global Conference on the Sustained Eradication of Child Labour in Argentina in November, 2017. To achieve this goal, the enclosed research toolkit has been developed to support agencies in organising and implementing child-friendly consultations with children and young people aged 5-17 years who have experience of child work, whether paid or unpaid, including chores to help their parents or other caregivers.

This research toolkit includes:

> Background information about the purpose of the consultations with children, the research questions and proposed relevant consultation tools

> Guidance for organising consultation teams, and guidance for applying basic requirements for effective and ethical participation of children

> Optional consultation plans

> Details descriptions for each of the main consultation activities

> Annexes with games and energizers, and other useful resources

It is available in English, French and Spanish.

Published 2018-09-17

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