Improving Education for Children in Conflict. Global Evaluation Summary - Rewrite the Future

Rewrite the Future's global campaign aimed at improving education in conflict-affected fragile states (CAFS), has come to an end. Since 2006, Save the Children has implemented projects to improve education quality for over 10 million children in 25 CAFS, has advocated successfully for the issue of education in conflict to be high on the development agenda and has contributed towards 1.65 million children entering into school. An independent, two-phase global evaluation of Rewrite the Future was commissioned to assess the impact of the campaign and its activities on the quality of education. Four countries were selected as case studies for the global evaluation: Afghanistan, Angola, Nepal and Southern Sudan. The impact of the Rewrite the Future campaign was assessed using information collected during school visits, interviews with government officials, communities and other key stakeholders.

Published 2011-09-23