The Impact of the Currency Depreciation on the Yemeni Population

The economic collapse is Yemen’s silent killer; many Yemenis are struggling just to survive. Parents tell our staff how they’re skipping meals or are going up to two days without food to give what little they have to their children. It’s a common story. Many parents say they only can afford bread and tea and can’t remember the last time they ate meat or fish. The economic situation is getting worse, money is worth less and people aren’t getting paid.

Save the Children urges all parties to the conflict and the international community to work towards stabilising the economy. The warring parties must also allow complete and unconditional access for humanitarian and commercial goods into Yemen to help bring the cost of living down. But most importantly, all parties must agree to a cessation of hostilities, a comprehensive ceasefire and cooperate with the UN to positively engage in the peace process without preconditions.

Published 2018-10-29