How to use the Children's Rights and Business Principles: A Guide for Civil Society Organizations, 2nd Edition

This Guide is written for civil society organizations that use or wish to use the Children’s Rights and Business Principles to engage with businesses in monitoring, enforcing and advancing children’s rights. To give a broad perspective on the ways that civil society might seek to work with companies, organizations’ diverse missions, goals and methods of working are taken into account. As a result, this Guide can be used by a wide range of civil society actors in considering, developing and reviewing their approaches to and relationships with business entities. Advocacy is a central focus, with the primary goal being to hold businesses accountable for their impacts on children’s rights.

The Guide is divided into Five Parts

  • Part I introduces the Guide and establishes the international relevance of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles.
  • Part II explains the corporate duty to respect and commitment to support children’s rights in theory and in practice.
  • Part III explores each of the nine substantive Children’s Rights & Business Principles in detail.
  • Part IV addresses ways that additional stakeholders including government, the media, consumers and children can enhance cooperation between business and civil society in matters of children’s rights.
  • Part V offers conclusions and a selection of  resources for further research.
Published 2013-11-22

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