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How to Design Projects to End Violence Against Women and Girls: A step-by-step guide to taking action

Violence against women and girls in the Pacific region is a serious and complex issue requiring urgent action. After years of advocacy by women's rights organisations and civil society organisations, Pacific Island governments have begun to adopt laws and policies to address this issue. However, governments and civil society organisations continue to face a number of barriers, including access to funding and resources, as well as a need for capacity building in key areas of project design and implementation. Despite these challenges, there is an abundance of energy and passion among the women and men of the Pacific to take action to end violence against women and create a safe and prosperous future for their region.

The Toolkit was commissioned by the UN Women Pacific Regional Ending Violence against Women Facility Fund (Pacific Fund) in response to requests by stakeholders for practical, user-friendly materials and resources that would help them design and implement successful projects to end violence against women. The Pacific Fund offers a range of financial and technical support to organisations across the region that are working to end violence against women and girls using a gender analysis and human rights based approach. The experiences of these organisations have informed the development of this Toolkit and ensured that it is relevant to the unique contexts and situations in which they work.

This Toolkit brings together information, resources and practical activities to help Pacific Islanders apply a gendered analysis to the issue of violence against women and to design and implement effective and sustainable projects. It can be used for new projects or to integrate a gender analysis and human rights based approach to existing projects aiming to end violence against women.

Published 2015-09-17

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