Hidden Hunger in Syria: A look at malnutrition across Syria with a focus on under-twos

Nutrition programming has long remained underfunded and overlooked in the Syrian response because rates of acute malnutrition (wasting) have remained within what are considered acceptable levels. But it is not just wasting that is a problem. In Syria today, at least one in eight children are stunted. The rates of stunting in Syria are anything but acceptable, but rather a major public health issue whose devastating effects will last for generations unless urgent action is taken. One out of every three pregnant women are suffering from anemia and other micronutrient deficiencies, and at least 51,000 are acutely malnourished — and rising. A malnourished pregnant woman has a higher likelihood of giving birth to a low birth weight infant, who in turn has a poor start in life and is likely to grow up stunted.

Published 2020-09-29