Helping Children Cope With the Stresses of War: A manual for parents and teachers

This manual is intended for parents and teachers in communities where children are daily subjected to the extreme stresses of war and other forms of systematic violence.

Part One is dedicated to presenting what parents and teachers should know about children’s responses to the stresses of war. This includes how they deal with the death of a parent or relative, separation from family, war-caused poverty, and life as a refugee. Each age bracket is separated and analyzed separately.

Part Two describes how parents and teachers can help children cope with the stresses of war. Specific support techniques are given for children and adolescents. Parents and teachers are presented with advice on how to handle ten specific problems (clinging, bedwetting, anxiety, aggression, etc.) that children commonly have trouble coping with.

The final section of the manual helps parents and teachers identify a situation that requires the help and expertise of a child-care specialist.

Published 2014-07-10

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