Hear Our Voices: Investing in conflict-affected children in the DRC

Children make up more than 60 per cent of the 13.1 million people expected to need humanitarian assistance and protection in the DRC this year. Despite the challenges they face, children in the DRC hope for something better – and courageously pursue a better future. They still talk with hope and express dreams of a better life. 

It will take all of us to protect children in the DRC from the effects of armed conflict. Therefore, World Vision urges the international community and donor governments to support the participation of children and youth in creating the future of the DRC The knowledge, problem solving ability and commitment of children and young people to building a better future should not be underestimated. They have not started the crises, and yet they are disproportionately affected. Allowing them space to use their voices – in the global dialogues, in programming, and in peacebuilding – will lead to a stronger, more stable DRC. Investing in local-level peacebuilding and social cohesion led by children and youth can foster peaceful solution and stability across the country and empower the next generation. 

Published 2019-01-08

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