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Handbook on participatory methods for community-based projects: A Guide for programmers and implementers based on the participatory action research project with young mothers and their children in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Northern Uganda

A Handbook on Participatory Methods for Community-Based Projects. This has been designed to help integrate more participatory methods into programming for vulnerable populations, especially war affected young adults and children. In Liberia, Sierra Leone and Northern Uganda, among other countries in sub-Saharan Africa and throughout the world, communities are poorly equipped to respond in positive ways to returning girl mothers and to other war-affected young mothers in the community who are vulnerable because they may be unmarried, poor, and/or lack family support. The Participatory Action Research (PAR) Project with Young Mothers and their Children seeks to deepen understanding of how community-based participatory methods in post-conflict settings may be instrumental in empowering girl mothers to change the circumstances of their lives. The overall goal is to improve the reintegration and well-being of young mothers by involving them as key actors in changing their situations and building broad community support for this process.

Published 2010-12-07

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