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Guidelines for Parents, Guardians and Educators on Child Online Protection

Wider and more easily available access to the internet and mobile technology provide not only many opportunities for children’s development, but also significant challenges to children’s safety. Research is showing that more and more children are connecting to the Internet using game consoles and mobile devices, yet many adults are not even aware that connectivity is possible using such devices.

Another key issue is that children and young people tend to access the Internet in places that adults tell them are safe e.g. at home and at school. Many parents and guardians adhere to the common misconception that their children are safer if they are at home using a computer than they would be if they were accessing the Internet outside of the home. This is a dangerous misconception because the Internet can take children and young people virtually anywhere in the world, and in the process they can be exposed to potentially dangerous risks, just as they could in the real world.

These guidelines are for parents, guardians and educators and are geared toward helping these adults manage the risks of the Internet and connectivity. They are intended to be flexible and adaptable to the situation at hand.

Published 2014-09-23

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