Guidance Note on the Multi-purpose Community-based Protection Centers

The Multi-Purpose Community-Based Protection Centres are nurturing, safe environments where affected communities, including children and their families can access free and multiple protection, specialised services and information. They are also places where the community can engage in social activities, make new friends and build new skills. The multi-purpose community-based protection centres promote social cohesion, resilience and empowerment. They support the individual in regaining a sense of normality and continuity in a space where they feel safe, dignified and protected.

In line with the 2016 Child Protection Cluster Strategy, the Protection Cluster Strategy for the 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) and the Protection Sector Strategy for the 2016 Refugee Response and Resilience Plan (3RP), this guidance note provides a common approach and guidance on the use of the Multi-Purpose Community-Based Protection Centres including modalities of assistance and proposed parameters of engagement with public community facilities. It is recommended partners wishing to expand interventions through the Multi-Purpose Community-Based Protection Centres refer to this note.

Published 2018-10-25