Guía: Los derechos de niñas, niños y adolescentes en el área de salud

This guide, published by the Child and Adolescent Health Rights Initiative of Uruguay (IDISU), is the result of a joint effort between the Uruguayan Ministry of Public Health (MSP), the University of the Republic of Uruguay, the Institute for Children and Adolescents of Uruguay (INAU), the Uruguayan Society of Pediatrics (SUP) and UNICEF. It offers guidance to healthcare professionals involved in working with children and youth and seeks to promote knowledge and raising awareness of children's right to health, a fundamental factor influencing decision-making processes. The document aims to achieve a change in institutional practices focusing on the need to move towards new models in which the State and other concerned social actors in the country assume greater responsibilities to guarantee children's and adolescents right to health and adequate healthcare.

Published 2013-01-16