GREAT Radio Discussion Guide

 The Gender Roles, Equality and Transformations (GREAT) Project works to improve gender equity and reproductive health in Northern Uganda. GREAT uses radio drama, community mobilization, and small group discussions to promote dialogue and reflection among adolescents, with the goal of facilitating the formation of gender equitable norms and the adoption of attitudes and behaviors which may positively influence health outcomes among boys and girls, aged ten to 29. The GREAT toolkit was developed as the centerpiece of the project and includes the following materials for use with small groups: activity cards, fact cards, flipbooks, game instructions and question cards, and discussion guides to accompany a year-long radio serial drama. This guide includes thirteen modules that groups can use to discuss specific topics and characters from the GREAT radio drama. The guides allow people to talk first about those stories and characters they most enjoy, and then focus the groups' attention on themes in the drama. Finally, the guides encourage groups to talk about how these same issues affect their own communities and how they could be addressed.

Published 2019-02-08