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Good Nutrition on Tea Estates

Between 2016 and 2019, Save the Children US worked together with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health to improve child and maternal health and nutrition in the Tea Estates. The nutrition of a child during the 1000 days of their lives is especially important and sets the foundation for their health prospects as they grow older. Long-standing socio-economic and cultural beliefs have previously prevented children in the area from growing up with optimal health and nutrition prospects. To battle this challenge and improve the nutrition of children in the Tea Estates, the project took a holistic approach to raise awareness of positive nutritional practices and to encourage behavioral change. This holistic project centered on three objectives:

  1. To improve access to quality nutrition services
  2. To improve demand for nutrition services
  3. To improve the enabling environment for women and families throughout Tea Estate companies

Please view the videos below to learn more about these objectives and the outcomes of the project.

To Improve Access to Quality Nutrition Services

To Improve Demand for Nutrition Services

To Improve the Enabling Environment for Women and Families throughout Tea Estate Companies


Published 2020-01-31