Global Education Cluster Strategy 2015-2019: Mid-term review

This report is the outcome of a mid-term review of the 2015-2019 Global Education Cluster strategy, culminating in an updated strategic vision and strategy map that builds on the previous two years of work. A few considerations regarding this document:

1) This strategy builds on the current 2015-2019 GEC Strategy (Annex III); the core functions and main elements of that strategy do not change; this addition merely adds a more strategic vision to what exists.

2) The strategic framework is linked directly to the activities outlined in 2017-2019 workplan (attached as excel document).

3) The strategic direction is geared towards the Global Education Cluster, with the assumption that each country Cluster will have its own strategic plan. Thus, while the document mentions illustrative actionsto be taken at the country level, outcomes at the country level are not explicitly described.

4) The strategic framework lays out the direction for not only the next 1.5 years of work (until 2019), but beyond. The strategic pillars as described in Section IV are linked to global humanitarian processes that are in nascent stages. As these develop and evolve, so too will the strategic direction of the GEC. 5) A results framework will be developed to accompany the strategy. This will be finalized in consultation with the GEC Steering Group by the end of July 2017 and annexed. 

Published 2017-10-27

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