Global Capacity Building Workshop on Community and Child Centred Advocacy for Ending Violence against Children - Organised by Save the Children's Global Task Group on Violence against Children

The Workshop on the Global Capacity building on Community and Child Centered Advocacy held March 2006 in Kathmandu, Nepal, was organised by the International Save the Children Alliance (Task Force on Violence against Children) within the general framework of the United Nations Study on Violence Against Children. The objectives of the workshop have been developing participants’ skills on:

  • creating national advocacy strategies by identifying key objectives, targets, allies, opportunities and obstacles;
  • developing, implementing and supporting longer term local and national advocacy to end violence against children, based on the follow-up to the UN Study;
  • practical and ethical issues concerning children’s participation in advocacy;
  • understanding the importance of linking and coordinating national and international advocacy;
  • building capacity of others by sharing good practices; and
  • applying tools for monitoring and evaluating the impact of advocacy
Published 2010-05-27