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A Framework for Data Sharing in Practice: Part 1

A Data Sharing Meeting was held on 16 May 2017 at the World Economic Forum offices in New York. The purpose of the gathering was to explore ways of facilitating the safe, responsible and purposeful sharing of data, information and analysis for stronger humanitarian response and protection outcomes. It brought together practitioners and thinkers from Global Pulse, World Economic Forum, GovLab, University of Leiden, UNDPKO, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Data & Society, UNICEF, OHCHR, InterAction, DRC, ICRC, WFP, OCHA and UNHCR. 

Part of the motivation for creating a Framework for Data Sharing in Practice is to provide a conceptual starting point from which to separate and begin to address specific issues relating to data in support of humanitarian and protection response in order to develop them collectively. Further, there is a recognition and shared value among stakeholders for the need to create a Framework for Data Sharing in Practice.


Published 2019-06-06