The Forgotten Children: National inquiry into children in immigration detention, 2014

This report gives a voice to the approximate 800 children held in mandatory closed immigration detention for indefinite periods of time by Australia. Children and their families provide compelling evidence of the impact that prolonged immigration detention has on their mental and physical health. The evidence shows that immigration detention is a dangerous place for children. Australia is unique in its treatment of asylum-seeking children in that no other country mandates the closed and indefinite detention of children once they arrive in the country.

Since the inquiry has been announced, changes have been made in Government policy and practice for the benefit of asylum-seeker children – including the release of certain children to community detention as well as medical care for children with physical or mental illness. The Government also created a task force to aid in this matter, to which this report provides a long list of recommendations to help ensure the best interests of the child. 

Read more on the Australian Human Rights Commission website.

Published 2015-04-08

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