Fëmijëria e Hershme: Promovimi i Sigurisë dhe Zhvillimit Socio-Emocional të Fëmijës

Children are part of the world they live in, which they interact with thorough emotions and actions. Before and after childbirth, children explore the world around them through their senses, experience phenomena, and develop relationships with their family and society. All factors of emotional development that involves experiencing, recognizing, expressing, and managing emotions affect the socio-emotional development of the child. Parents and caretakers play a central role in this process.

This brief is intended for caretakers and describes how to foster a positive social-emotional environment for the child. It offers suggestions on how to:

  1. Create warmth for children
  2. Provide structure for children
  3. Model positive behaviors for children


Published 2019-04-04