Every Last Child Country Spotlight: Syria

Save the Children is campaigning at an international and national level to achieve the greatest impact for children with the Every Last Child Campaign.

The Syrian conflict has created the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world today with almost 11 million people forced from their homes and 13.5 million inside Syria now in need of humanitarian assistance. Currently 8.7 million people in Syria are unable to meet their basic food needs, 70% lack access to clean water, 5.3 million people need shelter support, 10 million people need livelihoods support and three in four Syrians are living in poverty. However, it is the gross disregard for human rights and international humanitarian law that is characterizing the current conflict. Inside Syria 486,700 people are trapped in besieged areas with little access to humanitarian assistance including food and healthcare. One quarter of schools have been damaged, destroyed or are occupied, while 42% of the population lack access to healthcare, largely because clinics and hospitals have been attacked and destroyed. At least 654 health workers have been killed since the start of the conflict.

Read the full Every Last Child campaign report here.

Published 2016-08-02