Every Last Child Country Spotlight: Sierra Leone

Save the Children is campaigning at an international and national level to achieve the greatest impact for children with the Every Last Child Campaign.

High teenage pregnancy rate remains a perennial challenge for Sierra Leone’s 3.5 million child population and accounts for the high number of maternal deaths and infant mortality. Just as the World Health Organisation declared Sierra Leone Ebola-free with zero cases in November 2015, a survey by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation revealed at least 14,000I new cases of teenage pregnancy over a nine-months period.

Sierra Leone is one of the most unsafe places for women to give birth, while preventable conditions such as pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria have remained the main killer childhood diseases over the last decade. About two-thirds of Sierra Leone’s children are living below the poverty line.

Read the full Every Last Child campaign report here.

Published 2016-08-02