Every Child Has the Right to Education: Promoting Inclusive Education for Every Last Child in Mongolia Awareness Campaign

Save the Children Japan, Mongolia office has been implementing a three-years Inclusive Education project, ‘Promoting Inclusive Education for Every Last Child in Mongolia’, which started from March 2018 and will continue till March 2021. Target areas of the project are three districts in Ulaanbaatar city which is the capital of Mongolia, and two other provinces.

The project has four pillars, (1) capacity building of public schools, (2) capacity building of lifelong education centres and out-reaching out-of-school children, (3) awareness-raising among the community and (4) policy advocacy.

So far, the project has trained 1,037 public school and lifelong education centre teachers, identified 477 out-of-school children from target areas, and provided access to education. 7,671 parents and community members attended the project awareness-raising workshops and we initiated 5 policy advocacy meetings and was involved in developing 3 inclusive education-related policy documents.

About the Social Media Campaign

Apart from the above-mentioned awareness-raising workshops organised in target areas, we developed awareness-raising materials using social media platforms to reach the wider general public in Mongolia. Save the Children Japan, Mongolia partnered with a media company that is specialized for raising awareness among the public through social media. Since more than 90% of Mongolians use Facebook, we released the videos through Save the Children Mongolia Facebook page. For the first year, we aimed to draw attention to inclusiveness within the Mongolian society and released 5 videos, posters, and human stories. The campaign reached 2,577,860 people in duplicated numbers. For the second year, we aimed to raise awareness on inclusiveness in schools and released 5 more videos, posters, and human stories. The campaign reached 3,559,414 people in duplicated numbers.  We inserted English subtitles to the videos so that the message of ‘Every Child Has the Right to Education’  can be spread throughout the globe. We believe that through Inclusive Education, we can create a more inclusive society where all people feel respected. Please view the videos from the second year of the campaign below.

Inclusive Society

Voice of a Child

Children's Messages for Teachers

Bat-Erdene's Story of Success

Friendship Never Discriminates Against Anyone

To view the awareness-raising videos from the first year of the campaign, please navigate to this link on YouTube (hyperlinked).

Published 2020-04-27

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